Number of SmartApps


does anyone know how many SmartApps exist in the market place?

(Edward Pope) #2

ahhhhhhhhhhhhh More than 10 (SMILE). I have never counted them, but that is a good question. The problem that I see with the SmartApps are that we have many that do similar tasks. Would be nice to combine that somehow. Also some apps that are out there no longer work after changes to the ST backend. All that should be cleared out.


yeah, but is there something more accurate?

(Bruce) #4

There are 470 “shared” apps and 130 “example” apps.


Thanks for the reply.
Do “example” apps imply I can look at the source code? Or can I look at the sources of all apps?

(Bruce) #6

These are all published source code, free to use and/or modify, and/or learn from…


aah! thanks! that’s what I was looking for. Do you know where to download these apps?

(Bruce) #8

You login to the IDE at, click on My SmartApps, create a new SmartApp (fill out the form, hit Create). Then, in the upper right hand corner is a link to Browse SmartApp Templates, and all 600 of them are there.

(Bruce) #9

There are also other Community developed SmartApps that you will find here in the forums, sometimes with the source posted, or a link to Github posted. There are certainly dozens of these floating around too.


Thank you for the pointers

(Ben Edwards) #11

They are listed here: