Community SmartApps Database?

(Brian Smith) #1

I’m guessing this exists and I had too much to drink at a party last night to find it. Is there a list/database of community SmartApps somewhere? I think it used to exist on the old Build site, right? Does it still exist somewhere now?

Specifically, I’m looking for some I remember seeing mentioned in the forums, like

  • weather smartapp that I think uses Weather Underground?
  • Nest smartapp
  • and more!

Also, is there a tutorial on how to load a smartapp? I assume I have to do it through the IDE site. But, there doesn’t seem to be a simple tutorial that I can find for a user like me. Speaking of that, I think there are probably (at least) three general ST users types out there:

  • the person who uses everything within the app itself and never ventures anywhere else (or to these forums)
  • users like me, who are not coders but read about smartapps in the Community here and would like to simply load them
  • developers/hackers who basically keep guys like me happy!

For the people in the middle group, like me, it would be nice if we had some simpler interfaces to load apps, etc. That might get us motivated to also contribute more by coding and changing.

Of course, I could be completely off the mark here and missing lots of things…remember that too many drinks thing last night! :smile:

(Convinced ST will never be unbroken…) #2

While you can of course load an app’s code into your own smart app in the IDE, if you just want to install an app on your device go to apps and tap the “Explore SmartApps” tile.

(Brian Smith) #3

OK, I’m a little dumb this morning. Where in the iOS app do I find that Explore SmartApps tile?

(Convinced ST will never be unbroken…) #4

sorry, I’m on Android; and it is simply one of the tiles in the apps page.

(Jeremy) #5

For iOS I think you scroll down to the bottom of the app, and press the + circle button.
Then swipe the “Things” section to the left, till you get to More and SmartThings labs.
From there you can browse (painfully slow if you don’t know the exact name and category) but this may help…

(Brian Smith) #6

Yep, I was hoping that eventually browsing the apps is like browsing the App Store - searching, reviews, and change history.