What happened to Shared User Apps?

(DanG) #1

I logged into the IDE to look for some code examples and there use to be a tab inside the Browse SmartApp Templates that had hundreds of apps written and shared by other users. That tab is gone and I only have access to the pre-canned SmartThings App. Where can I find all those other apps that use to be available?

(Colin) #2

I just looked in IDE and under templates there are lots and lots of SmartApps written by others, not just SmartThings… maybe they merged them all together?


@Dianoga should know where they went.

(DanG) #4

Thanks for the replies.

Maybe they merged them but from what I remember there were a lot of different kinds of app that don’t seem to be there anymore. It could be there was a lot of duplication, I don’t know.

I just wish the apps had much better descriptions, or better documentation in the body of the apps. I have limited skills for writing code in that language and has always been a pet peeve of my.

It would have been nice if they made an announcement on what they did.


I remember somebody saying something about it when the github integration was announced, they may have been just moved to Github.

@slagle ?

(Colin) #6

I just set up GitHub integration… and yeah there’s a whole bunch more SmartApps and Device Types on the repository.