Github Repo for SmartThings?

(Dav Glass) #1

Wouldn’t it be awesome if SmartThings put all of their SmartApps and DeviceTypes up on Github so we can see them? I’ve found several built in ones that I wanted to tweak but I have no way of finding their code or even submitting patches back to them. Is there at least a plan for this? Considering how long it takes to get an app published, it might be nice to get them up on an Org so that we can update them ourselves.

(Brice; #2

You can actually get the code for most of the SmartThings published device types and SmartApps in the IDE. When you create a new SmartApp (or Device Type), click the “From Template” tab, then you’ll see a bunch you can select from. I definitely agree that a GitHub method would be much better, as this method is terrible for searching through. IDE GitHub integration is something that @Ben has been talking about for a while, but I think its pretty low priority.

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #3

There is one already, growing; thought ST is still working on a longer term goal to have everything that is not proprietary to be in GitHub. For now, you need to use the IDE Templates and/or this…


We’ve made some progress on this recently. We’re planning on opening everything up!

(Dav Glass) #5

That’s great to know that it’s coming soon. I knew I could get code, but submitting fixes to them was the main part I was looking for :smile:

(Tim Slagle) #6

Did this link go away @tyler?

One coming to replace it?


I’m not sure what happened to that link, but we’re still in the process of opening up our repo. There will be a link to replace it.

(Ron) #8

@tyler is this still happening ? Trying to fix good examples of code in the ide templates is difficult.