Saga Continues with My Schlage Connect and New Smartthings App

I just sent this detailed reply to Smartthings Support since their last “help” did not help.

Hello again. Well I did all you suggested but to no avail. In fact I went above and beyond your suggestions as I shall explain.

First of all, since I had a rather old Smartthings hub, I decided to buy a new Version 3 hub with WI-fi connectivity to my router. That, I thought, would allow me to mount the hub near my Schlage front door lock. Before doing so I excluded the old devices from Z-wave and reset the lock to its original factory settings. I checked to make sure the lock was disabled from Z-wave.

When the new V3 hub arrived I set it up and added the Schlage Connect lock to it. From the new Smartthings app. the lock works just fine–locks and unlocks perfectly with no error messages. I then used the Smartthings app to connect my lock to Alexa.

Once paired, I could voice request Alexa to lock and unlock and she did so. However, just as before, a minute or so after the properly executed action, Alexa still said: “Sorry, the lock is unresponsive.” I’m no farther ahead with this issue after spending money and time to fix it!

In addition–and I failed to mention this in my previous message–if I use the Alexa app on my phone, not the Smartthings app–Alexa executes the request to lock and unlock properly, but if I keep looking at the Alexa app on my phone I see the message “Waiting for 003B-6341-5044”. After about a minute that message disappears I get a red message saying “There is a problem with the lock!”

In short, nothing has changed with the new hub. This is exactly what I had with my V2 hub since I updated from the old Classic Smartthings app to the new Smartthngs app last week. For the past three years I had no issue with the same lock using Classic Smartthings. Now I’ve got this problem despite a new hub and a completely redone lock setup. Yes, I just tried doing a Z-wave repair, but that didn’t help either. Please fix your app!

Try a few things:

  1. Exclude the lock
  2. Remove the Alexa integration
  3. Delete all your existing SmartThings devices from the native Alexa app
  4. Pair the lock with the hub
  5. Connect Alexa to SmartThings

You may also want to look at this topic which may help if you’re experiencing performance issues: FAQ: why would I need another beaming repeater if my zwave lock is already close to my hub?

In addition the Schalge Connect BE449 has a firmware bug which causes missed notifications, this device handler can help fix that issue: [RELEASE] Universal Enhanced Z-Wave Lock Device Handler for Schlage, Yale, Kwikset, IDLock, Popp, Danalock, August Pro, Keywe, Philia, Samsung