Running 2 hubs


A quick question.

I have a V2 hub. I’m looking at getting a 2nd v3 hub for the WiFi functionality. I have things such as a Bose Soundtouch which I want to add.

Is it possible to run two hubs? I appreciate it will only control devices added to it, and not the V2 hub devices.

In addition, would I need to register it in the Classic App to use webCoRE?



Are you sure you really need a v3 hub to add that… As long as your v2 hub is on the same network as the Bose?

I’ve tried connecting the Bose via Smartthings but it won’t find it. The Bose is WiFi and not hard wired (Ethernet).

Do you have another way of doing it? I’m kind of stumped without WiFi otherwise.


It doesnt matter as long as the wifi and your wired network are the SAME network, there’s nothing special about the v.3 wifi port - it’s the same thing as if you have what you have now if that’s the case. :slight_smile:

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I wonder why ST can’t find the Bose then? I’ve tried both apps too.

Exact model of Bose?

Soundtouch 30

Look around here,