Time based events happening in a burst

I’ve been using ST for a couple of months. I haven’t really had any major problems until recently. I’m posting in the hope of learning how to work around things and to understand the problem, rather than to get a perfect solution per-se.

Over the last week or so, I’ve noticed that time-based events are not always triggering reliably. When they fail to trigger, they will sometimes finally happen in a burst: all the events from the last few hours will trigger one after another. This has only happened three times so far, but is frustrating mostly because it was working almost perfectly before that.

Strangely, what has got them to trigger was opening SmartRules for a little while. I’m not sure why this would be, since my understanding is that SmartRules only sets up rules on the hub itself, and doesn’t need to run for rules to operate. Which makes me wonder if somehow it’s not a failure to run the rules, but that the hub is losing the rules, and SmartRules is reupdating the hub when I go into that app. But I don’t know how all of this works, so I might be totally wrong (hence why I’m posting).

The hub did go offline yesterday for no obvious reason, though it was back online hours before the failed action. Does resetting the hub cause this kind of thing to happen? Does it remove all the rules, which then need to be reapplied by opening ios apps? If so, at least I would know to always open up all my apps whenever the hub disconnects and/or has to be reset.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

I’m not sure about the past week or so but there was an issue yesterday that affected hubs:
Smartthings Status Webpage
Hubs were offline until rebooted such as my case.

What I know so far, there is a subset of routines that can run locally on the v2 hub but most things still run from the cloud and the cloud servers sometimes has issues with reliability for some reason.


Thanks for the tag @slagle.

@David_Wood, any time based events scheduled in SmartRules are using the same scheduling mechanisms as other SmartApps, so this sounds like a hiccup on the SmartThings side. I can’t imagine why just opening the SmartRules app could solve this problem. When you login or refresh, the existing rules are never sent from the app to the SmartThings cloud; old rules are sent from the SmartThings cloud, to the device. What could fix a problem such as a missed scheduled event would be opening a rule and saving it, which on the back end looks like deleting the old rule, and re-creating it, causing it to be re-scheduled.

Resetting the hub should not cause any rules to be lost, they are in the cloud, not on the hub itself (hopefully someday).

Hmm. That’s odd then. It’s possible I opened a rule and saved it instead of pressing the back button, but it definitely wasn’t just the event I saved that triggered – a series of events happened one after another. Knowing what you know about the system, does it seem possible that uploading one rule could somehow cause SmartThings to catch up on all of them? (Maybe a question you can’t answer.)

I guess I can always try saving a random rule next time things are stalled and see what happens.

Yes, thats possible, and that sounds like it makes sense here.

If a scheduled time was missed due to the hub being down, then the schedule would be stalled at some past time. When you added a new rule, or re-saved a scheduled rule, then it could have triggered the schedule to restart, and all events scheduled at any time that has already past would be executed at that time.

The only issue with that explanation is that the Hub was down at a time when there weren’t any scheduled events. So I’m not sure how that plays into it. But maybe some other unknown bug caused the schedule to get messed up. shrugs

Missing scheduled events has been known to happen, just search these forums :scream:

Let me know if it continues to happen and we can look into it further.

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Thanks Brice : ) It’s much appreciated. I’ll let you know.

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Looks like I’m still getting the problem, and unrelated to hub downtime. Today I noticed my evening lights rule didn’t trigger. I opened a SmartRules rule and saved it. Then a series of events triggered one after another, presumably from this morning.

The only thing that happened which may have caused problems was that the wireless router had some issue last night and was stopping us from connecting to it until we reset it. This may have overlapped with a scheduled event. However the wired internet was still working, and Smartthings is connected to the router via wire. (I don’t own any wifi devices – only zigbee, z-wave, and some ibeacons.)

Nevertheless, I’m going to keep watching to see if I can notice the problem occuring when there were no obvious issues at all.

Question: I have a condition on some of my rules that says to only complete the rule if my phone is in the presence of one of several ibeacons. If my phone is not connected to the wifi, what would happen when this rule activates? My assumption was that my phone would simply be considered “away” and the rule would not trigger. But could this somehow jam up the schedule?

This is very strange. If there is any additional information from logs or anything else that might help find the problem, please send it to me.

That depends. If your phone can use cellular data, then it will be reporting its proximity to the beacon with or without wifi. If it has no data connection, then you’re right, SmartThings will not know about its current proximity to any beacons and the state will be whatever the current state was the last time it had a valid data connection.

I can’t think of any way that this could cause any problems related to scheduling.

SmartThings has been pushing out some updates this last week that have definitely caused some issues, so I would still tend to blame that for now, but please, keep an eye on it and let me know if you find any more clues. Thanks!

So it happened again this morning. I think I’ll send you some details and logs via email.