Routines with "Power on and off" option

I’m new to ST. I created some routines. One of them shows three options: Power on, Power off, and Power on and off. The others show the “If” “Then” options. I’d like to create other routines with the Power on and off options, but can’t find out how. Please offer some guidance.

That is when you click on the Device and select Routines in the lower menu.

To add a Routine with the If Then, click on the + (plus) in the upper right of the screen on the Favorites or Automations screens and select Routine.

Those are offered on the Routines tab when viewing the details of certain devices. I guess they use the device category to decide which devices to offer them for.

You are offered a single Power On and a single Power Off routine. You can create equivalent routines via the Automations tab. For the if you would choose Time as the condition and then Specific time. For the then you would choose Control devices, pick the device and choose Turn on or Turn off as appropriate.

The Power On and Off is the equivalent of creating up to three pairs of the same routines just described.

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Thank you very much.

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