Erroneous behavior on Power on - off routine

I’m trying to get a switch on every day at 10PM through 2AM but I have no idea how to get it done with the Power on and off routine. I have a routine from 10PM to 12AM and 12AM to 2AM but what I’m getting is that the switch turns on at 10PM, turns off at 12AM and it stays off.
Is there a way to tell the power on - off routine to span from 10PM to 2AM?

Create two routines.

  • one to turn it on at 10pm
  • second to turn it off at 2am
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So, Can’t it be done with the power on-off routine?

I will let others who have more experience with the power on/off routine give you the answer. I don’t use it.

Agree. Set the on/off times in the device’s Routines page like this.

Yay! It did the trick.

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