Toggle routine off/on like an alarm

Hi all!

I use routines to turn on lights in the morning as an alarm to wake me up and not let me go back to sleep. I have one set for every week day, but I would love to be able to toggle it on and off (similar to iOS alarms) so if one day I have the day off or something. Is this possible? Also to be able to put the toggle on my dashboard of the ST app would be ideal.

You can’t actually turn routines on and off - you can only ‘run’ them
So… for your situation… create two. - one to turn everything on and one to turn them off.
You could then create two virtual momentary switches to run them and put the switches on your dashboard.
You should be able to just use smart lighting to make the switches run the routines

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Another option is if using modes. When you don’t want the routine to run just change the settings within the routine to only run in that mode that you never use.

For instance, we have a similar setup. I have 2 lights in our bedroom fade up from 5 to 5:15. When we didn’t have work last week due to a snowstorm I just told it to only run in the mode “Hold”. That mode I created in the IDE for situations like this.

Now that we are back to regular work I tell it to run if the mode is “Morning” (which automatically triggers at 5 a.m. during the week).

That is perfect, thank you! I figured there was some roundabout way I could do it, I just couldn’t think of anything!