Power cycle device in single routine?

Using the ST app, have a device I’m simply trying to power cycle nightly. When I create a new routine, I specify the time under “IF”, then the device under “THEN” (to power it off). Do I have to create a whole new, different routine to turn it back on ? Is there a way to a power cycle in a single routine ?

You do need to have multiple routines, but there is a nice shortcut to do it. Click on the Routines button on the bottom of the device detail panel. There you will find three sliders, one for power on, one for power off, and one for power on/off. Click on those, set your times, and the ST app creates the necessary Routines for you.


Many thanks. Not as graceful or intuitive/consistent as I would expect, but there it is. Thanks again.

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I have devices that I need to power cycle regularly…but otherwise need to stay on all the time. So, I have a scene set to keep them on all the time (the smart plugs live under the Smart Life cloud), and then just schedule a turn off once/twice a week (from ST.)

Alternative is where I have a momentary in ST drive an Alexa routine, where I can create a routine to turn something off, wait 1 minute, and then turn it back on…

I try to keep all my routines to either in ST or Alexa… though I did find myself hunting through various clouds the other day try to track down where I was doing something.