Deleted Default Routines in Smartthings Classic and Need Restored


I was trying to migrate to the new Smartthings app and deleted the routines in classic. When I constantly hit the “Network Error” issue for my Ecobee thermostat in the new app when creating automations I gave up. I want to go back to the classic app but my routines are gone and no way yo restore. Can they be restored by a admin?

Thanks for any help you can provide

You’ll have to contact ST support to have them fix that for you, or they may be able to help you with your ecobee error.

I too was doing the same thing and migrating my Classic app Routines over to the new Connect app’s Automations, and after I removed the last Routine in the Classic app, the Routines option has disappeared from the Classic app! I contacted support, and they advised me that they had received other support emails from other users complaining about this and they asked me to be patient while they investigated the issue. That was two days ago, and I’m still waiting.

The new Connect app has one good addition, Camera groups! It allowed me to show a live stream view of up to four cameras in a group.

But, there are some features that I was using in the Classic app that I can’t do in the new Connect app.

One, I can’t seem to figure out a way to get the Classic app’s ‘When Things Quiet Down’ logic migrated to the new app. So, I really need to get Routines back in the Classic app for this one Automation, GoodNight!

Two, no camera security recording features are supported in the new Connect app because no cameras recording options are available at all in the new Connect app’s Smart Home Monitor, not even Samsung’s own security camera.

Three, none of the devices show what Smartapps, Automations, or Screens the device is associated with in the new Connect app. This us a ‘MAJOR’ issue in my opinion. Because, if a device, like a smartbulb, stops working for whatever reason, then you just can’t go into the old device and select each Smartapp, Automation, and Screen that you where using the broken device in so that you can just add the new replacement device to them for an easy swap out. The old Classic app didn’t show the Screens per device, but at least it showed me the Smartapps and Routines the device was associated with.


I had the newer version 2.18x of the SmartThings Classic android app loaded when I lost the Routines section. I was reading some other SmartThings forums about the ‘fiasco’ with some other things that users were experiencing with the new 2.18x version. So, I thought what the heck, and removed the 2.18x version and downloaded the SmartThings version 2.17 from apkmirror and loaded it. NOW my Routines TAB is BACK!!! I then created a dummy (blank) routine and then went to the Google Play store and updated SmartThings Classic to 2.18x, and my Routines are still there in the latest version Classic app. Whatever…

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