My Automations Have All Gone Missing

My thermostats did not come up today as programmed. I had routines under the Classic Smartthings App to raise the setpoint on the thermostats in the AM and lower them in the PM. I had routines under the old Smartthings App to turn outdoor lighting on at sunset and off at 10:00 pm. Those routines were converted to Automations (against my will) when the Smartthings Classic app was shut down. So be it. But now they are all gone! I went to the Automations section of the new Smartthings app and there was a Welcome screen inviting me to create my first automation. WTH? Where did they all go? And why is it I have to post questions here to find out what’s going on and I don’t get nice e-mails telling me in advance what is going to happen? I am ready to dump Smartthings!

So I closed out the app, rebooted my iPhone, and lo and behold, the automations are back. My wife is screaming at me to get rid of this flaky system… I sort of rammed this Smart home concept down her throat promising her it will be great, and all I get is disappearing automations, disconnected hubs and broken Webcore links all the time. Sorry Samsung, my marriage is worth more than your promises.