Routines Natively in Google Home/Assistance

I couldn’t find anything about this being released but I thought I’d share this with the community. It looks like you can now control smart things routines Natively from the Google home/Google assistance. I recently had to reset everything and when I went to add smart things back to my Google home account all my routines now showed up!

Basically to activate a routine you just ask Google to “turn on” that routine and it works!

Sorry if this is a repost!


This was posted 5 days ago…

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Thanks @jkp I would have never found that info in the middle of that thread. I appreciate you pointing it out. I guess my ninja google search skills failed me… :man_facepalming:t5:

I noticed that the routines as processed through google home and ran through Smartthings are getting mixed up. Is anyone else having similar issues?

Sorry for late response but, no routines are running fine regardless of where they are executed

You are saving lives here.
Thanks. This is game changer.