Just Discovered You Can Choose Which Devices to Link to Google Home Again [2017]

Not sure who was to blame, Google or SmartThings… but a recent update forced all of your SmartThings device to be linked to Google Home. This was a big problem for me because some of my devices were security related. Namely, unlocking doors, opening my garage doors, and disarming my security system. I had explicitly excluded those functions from Google Home after I discovered I could activate them by yelling at my window which my Google Home was next too. So anyone who knew the trick, could access my home.

Well I just discovered on Reddit this functionality is back, albeit somewhat hidden. To activate certain devices, you have to make sure you are linked to SmartThings in the Google Home app. Then in the SmartThings app, go to Automations -> SmartApps. You will see the Google App there. Selecting the Google App turn off "Allow google Assistat to access all devices and Routines and you will then be able to select which devices Google Home has access too.


does this still work with the new smarthings app?
I want to hide some devices but cannot seem to find how to do it…

This is an extremely old and out-of-date thread. Check out the most current thread on the google integration.

But the answer is you can not currently hide devices but they are working tO add that feature back.


Any news when will this capability be added back?

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Checking back into this, as-well.

Nothing has changed since May 2020. More details in a newer thread on the topic…