Amy way to enable or disable automation with Google routines?

I’m in the process of migrating from tuya/smartlife and a zigbee hub over to fully using smartthings, but I’ve hit a roadblock. Currently I use Google Assistant routines to enable and disable certain automations depending on the time of day (my goodnight routine disables my bedroom motion sensor to lights automation and enables my bedroom under nightstand motion sensor to under bed lights automation, and my good morning routine does the opposite). In fiddling with smartthings app, I’ve found no way to enable or disable specific rules within the smart lighting app, so I’ve given up on that and stuck with automations and scenes. My problem is that, while I can get the scenes to appear in my Google home routines, I see no way for smartthings scenes to enable or disable automation, which is something I can easily do in the smartlife app. Is there a way to do this and I’m just missing something? Any chance I’d be able to accomplish this with webcore? Any help is appreciated

You don’t need webcore. :sunglasses: You just need to have the scene turn on a Virtual switch and have the switch be the trigger for the automation.

Seems like a really roundabout way to do a quite simple thing, but so far with my limited time spent with smartthings, that seems to be a common theme lol. Am I able to accomplish the same thing by having a scene set the location mode to day or night, and having my automations use either of those modes as a prerequisite before they even run?

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I’m not certain I have a full understanding of what happens in your setup, but when building a smart app in SmartThings, you can limit the actions to only occur during specific times. For example, between sunset and sunrise. We have a hall light that only has a switch on one end of the hall (who thought that would work?), so I have a smart app that uses a motion sensor trigger to turn the light on and off, but only during specific times (evening and early nighttime) when the light would be needed. I have a second, almost identical app, that turns the light on at a low level (nightlight) late at night until morning. Using that setting, the apps do not trigger during the day.

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