Routines/Automation to stay if device removed

So you’ve set up a device, lets says a ZigBee sensor, you play with some routines, but you need to rest the sensor for some reason, you remove the device and “boom” your routines disappear, can’t they just be turned off? or have placeholders?


A work around is to add a second device before you reset and then add back the reset device and delete the second device.

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That is something I have argued at tedious length on many occasions. In some ways it is even worse when the Routine is still viable as then it doesn’t get quietly deleted, it gets quietly altered and may now do something silly.

Just as ridiculous is that if you delete the SmartThings Home Monitor (I did this while asleep once) the Security Mode conditions and actions all get removed, again sometimes deleting Routines. The Security Mode is an attribute of the Location, not the personal play thing of STHM.

To me it would make more sense to disable the Routines and flag any similarly affected Scenes.

I can mostly ignore Routines and use Rules instead. Unfortunately I can’t do the same with Scenes. They remain vulnerable.

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