Routines toggled to Off

I have a few routines. Mostly around switching hot water on and off. And another for motion lighting.

The motion lighting stopped working a week or 2 ago. I’ve only just had a chance to take a look. It turned out that all of the routines had been toggled to “off”.

Have you see this before? Seems odd.
Rather annoyed about the hot water having been permanently on!

Some users have reported this issue recently. Probably a result of devices in the Routines being migrated to Edge drivers which somehow causes it to become disabled.

In roughly that timescale SmartThings have been migrating devices that were using obsolete custom device handlers over to the current Edge driver technology. However the reason that custom handlers had been used in the first place was that the devices weren’t supported by the stock integrations and in the absence of other arrangements some devices ended up using drivers that were really just there to act as placeholders. This resulted in Routines using those devices being disabled. This all made sense. However at the same time there were a few reports of Routines being disabled for no obvious reason.

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Thanks, both.
Good to know there was a reason behind it and it’s not something I need to worry about happening regulalry.