Newbie - questions about removing devices from routines

I’m new to this SmartThings world, bought in because I love the concept of what it can do (Although we have more limited H/W in the UK) I have to say that this thing is damn buggy! I’m straight away stuck with not being able to get 2 iPhones working, a presence sensor which constantly thinks I’m at home and a motion sensor which always see’s motion.

But I need to remove and re-add my motion sensor but I’m struggling with the mobile App. When I go to the goodbye routine I have a “When things quiet down” bit with my motion sensor in it. If I uptick the motion sensor it says “Oops! Looks like you need to double-check some inputs” and won’t allow me to save the change. I have a time and a time window set but once again if I remove everything I get the same message. Without being able to remove the device I can’t get rid of it to be able to re-add it back in.

Can anyone point out where I’m going wrong ?

I think there’s a bug in the app. I had the same problem with the Run at a specific time. I wanted to remove the time but it wouldn’t let me save it with no time specified. And UNINSTALL is NOT a solution. It will nuke the whole routine.

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