Routines being automatically disabled?

Has anyone noticed their routines being disabled for no reason, even if the device is working fine? I woke up today and found several disabled routines that are related to my thermostats, along with a couple others related to a zigbee switch and Location based preconditions.

Both thermostats are still using ST’s Zigbee device handler (Zigbee Thermostat), along with YG’s virtual things edge driver (updated last on 6-24-2022), The zigbee switch is using ST’s edge driver.

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Yes, the same thing is happening to me in two different locations and with two different accounts. Most of my devices are using the new edge drivers but I have not been able to make a correlation to that. It has been happening for 3 days now. Not sure what’s going on???

No but perhaps this is related:

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Holy cow, that’s a year old and I still have that happening! Seriously I do, and on thermostats now using edge drivers.

I hadn’t even noticed that, lol.

Hi, @johnconstantelo and @Property_Manager
Did any of you report this issue to Customer Support? If there was an investigation about it, we could see if it was stalled or something. I’m not sure how the flag to enable/disable a routine could be set on its own, so, I don’t know for sure it is not related to the other issue.

Hi @nayelyz , yes! August 2022, ticket #1390620

This ticket was eventually marked as resolved because it was going nowhere, and somehow the routines did stop getting disabled. Unfortunately the problem has returned about a week or two ago. It also happened a few months ago, and then it disappeared. It’s as if the edge driver’s capabilities are changing somehow and the automation/routine doesn’t know what changed, so it gets disabled?

Since the ticket was created and closed, I’ve recreated the virtual devices and recreated 6 of the 8 rules (as they are now called in the API), but they still will get disabled all by themselves: (all enabled so far)

Thank you for the info, @johnconstantelo. Yes, I see there were no updates in the report generated, so, in this case, we would need new information to add to the report because you also mentioned there were changes in the devices.
But, is it easy for you to detect when a routine is disabled or it happens so randomly that is hard to catch an approximate timestamp?

So, we would need the following info:

  1. Approximated timestamp of when the routine was disabled. Eg. 14:00 CST
  2. Name of the routine to get its details
  3. Support Access to your account to be able to collect all the necessary info.
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Hi @nayelyz ,

No worries at all. I monitor those 8 routines constantly, and it’s also evident when they don’t trigger, so getting a timestamp will be possible but it may not be exactly when it was disabled.

So far it’s only happened once today, but it happens every day. I’ll post back here and tag you when I have the info you need.

ST already has access, so we’re good with that requirement.


Hi @johnconstantelo

This morning I noticed that this routine had deactivated itself because it did not send the notification.

Other similar ones were still active and worked

It was deactivated between 0:10 a.m. on October 4, when it sent a notification, and 08:17 a.m. that I should have sent another one and that’s not why I realized it had been deactivated

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OK, I’m back again. The routines for the Virtual Switches are randomly disabling. Suggestions?

I have moved your post to a thread discussing that issue. It’s not specific to the edge Driver where you were posting. Read a few posts above yours and you’ll see the current discussion.


OK, but the ONLY routines that are disabling for me are virtual switches.

One of the things I’ve noticed is that a routine will automatically disable if I change the driver from a generic Z-Wave driver to the manufacturers driver for example. When this problem first appeared, I just chalked it up to a driver update of some sort. But when it happened repeatedly on.different devices and at different locations for 3 days in a row that’s when I became concerned. As of today, it hasn’t happened again for almost 4 days now so I’m hoping it stopped. But I’m not encouraged because I see that @johnconstantelo is reporting it is still happening to him a year later. I’ll check back in a few more days and report out on any changes.

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@nayelyz , FYI it’s been 24 hours and I’ve not had a routine get disabled. That’s the first time in the last week or so. I’m still monitoring though.

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could it be related to offline/disconnected devices? when the next release is deployed, try creating or updating your routines to see if that helps.

Nope, those thermostats and virtual switches have never gone offline, ever. In fact, those thermostats are some of the most reliable devices in my environment.

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@nayelyz and @jnettleton ,

I have one Disabled this morning:

Name : “Sync - Virtual Upstairs Fan On”

I don’t know when it got disabled, but this screenshot says it was last updated at 5:16am today. Nobody in my home was awake at that time except me, nor would anyone have a need to mess with this automation (or any automation for that matter).

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Initially I thought it might be disabled devices but that wasn’t the case. I regret to report that I lost 12 routines up at my cabin and 4 here at my house. The only common denominator I could readily see is the majority had Zigbee trigger devices, either motion sensors or smart buttons. However, two didn’t follow that pattern because they were triggered by a sunrise or sunset timestamp. I noticed it started yesterday around 6 or 7P EST. Unfortunately I don’t have my routines set up to give me notifications so I can’t be more specific about the time and I didn’t think to check the history. Oddly it doesn’t seem to affecting my manually run routines (scenes) only my automations. Next time I’ll try to gather more info. As of this morning, everything seems to be working.

I’ve been away on vacation and following a best i can … I’ve seen cases where the Alexa Switch status and contact status do not match … is that what’s being discussed here or something else? Thanks