Basic routine based on time of day not firing

I have a extremely basic routine set up, which is supposed to fire at 0930 in the morning if everyone is still home. All the routine is supposed to do is change state from “Good Morning” to “Home” at a certain time of day. Yet it simply won’t fire.

Why is something so basic so broken? I really want to rely on Smartthings and actually trust in the system that it works, but when basic stuff like this just won’t work I’m so afraid to have more advanced stuff like security settings enabled on the system.

Is routines at this point in time broken on Android? Same goes with the Smartlight smart-app, which also seems to have major problems with triggering at “time of day” setups. Is there a internal clock on the system that is not functioning as intended?

Has this routine ever worked for you? And if it has, what are the logs saying if you manually fire it off?

I noticed most time based routines done work, I think its a bug on the backend. What I have done to combat this issue is I’ve setup the PIR sensors to detect motion based on a certain time say “9:30” that if its in a certain mode such as everyone being home it will trigger the next mode.

Routine used to work until today, so I’m rather surprised it suddenly decided to ignore me.

Several other routines have been funky lately (leaving the home, coming back and so on), so maybe there is just general problems with SmartThings as of now.

I have a similar situation. I have a light off routine that should fire at 11pm. I am fairly certain it fired the first night (Jan 9th) just fine, but now it does not. A hint about why it isn’t working is this bit about Next Run Time in the installed smart app details. Notice Prev Run Time is a second before Next Run Time. And Next Run Time is still set for the 9th even though it is now the 13th. I’ve tried triggering it manually which doesn’t reset the times.

I have a routine using sunset that works just fine.

I just updated the schedule to 11:01 and this is what it looks like:

Let’s see if it gets stuck again after the first night.

I’m having a bunch of routines not firing based on time as well. From one day to the next, nothing seems to change on my end, but the routines are iffy. I’d say half the time lately I wake up and my house is not in morning or sleep modes. That really throws things off, because my routines all have conditions based on the current mode. If one doesn’t fire, the rest can’t fire until the next day. I have to manually correct this each time.

My lights got stuck again, but this time the Prev Run Time and Next Run Time aren’t so close. Maybe the last successful on command didn’t run (based on network congestion).

The scheduler is still broken. A lot of schedules got stuck between Jan 18th and Jan 21st. They won’t restart automatically. You have to go into each app that has scheduled events and manually restart it (re-save the app.)