Routine keep disappearing

Hi, I’m new to the SmartThings app. But not a beginner in all this.

I bought a Aeotec Smart Home SmartThings hub v3 : AEOHUBV3US

It was meant to replace my old Piper camera hub alarm systems (lots of aeotec v1 doors/windows dated from 2014 connected to it) that does not work anymore with my new Google pixel 7 64 bits only app. The Piper app is only 32 bit and not updated anymore.

So now using SmartThings hub v3 to control all this.

My problem is that my 2 aeotec smartplug Model: DSC24-ZWUS keep loosing their routine. The routine are always disappeaing from the app. Under the device menu, if I create a routine, after a saving it if I return in the routine menu the newly created routine is not there!

If a try to create a new one but don’t save it and come back in the device control settings. The routine reapears . Weird behavior.

Sometimes I see them under the global routine menu.

But everytime I go under the device routine menu it’s empty.

They still work for a few days only.

Can it be cause I added an my SmartThings in google home ?

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