Routine issue since firmware 0.42.07 update

Since the latest update I noticed that a routine were no longer working.
When I checked the routine I noticed that the time for the motion sensor was gone. I attempted to recreate the routine but when I saved it and rechecked, the for 10 mins was gone again.

I can create seperate routines If for no motion for x time and for switch toggled that work but I can no longer use both in the same routine. This was previously working. Any thoughts or suggestions?

Routine Screenshots

I’m using Edge drivers for most items and don’t see that problem after saving. I’m using the Android app.

just pointing out the OP noted it was only when using the two conditions together in a Routine :slight_smile:

Best i could do to replicate

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I’ve done some more testing. Using any Zooz switch and any motion sensor, the routine can be created and saved with a motion delay when using the switch On/Off command but not if using the toggled up/down commands.

Is anyone else able to test this?