Routines Feature Request

I would like to be able to specify both a motion sensor and a switch to initiate a routine. Specifically, I want to be able to use a virtual switch to trigger the routine in addition to the motion sensor.
Is there a way to do this?

What about setting up a virtual switch and using the app “Switch Activates Home Phrase”? Then use a motion sensor app such as lighting wizard to turn the virtual switch on/off?

You could use a rules engine like SmartRules too. Easy peasy.

Thanks Keo and Rigging65.

Keo, your suggestion caused me to realize that I was stuck thinking about the problem in reverse. Duh! Once I did what you suggested, it worked like a charm.

Rigging65, I looked at SmartRules, and it looks awesome. Unfortunately, it only runs on iOS, and I’m using Android. I also looked at SinpleRulesBuilder, which is a web-based rules engine, but it does not appear to support time delays.

Thanks again for your assistance.