Routine Director firing multiple routines

For the past few weeks, Routine Director (@slagle) has been firing both day and night routines at the same time, in response to presence changes. So, for example, when the last person leaves the house in the morning, it will fire Away-Night, then Away-Day immediately. The overlapping commands leave the house is disarray. The same thing happens upon returning, with Home-Night and Home-Day firing.

I’ve submitted a support ticket. On their recommendation, I uninstalled and reinstalled the SmartApp, but the problem persists.

Has anyone else seen this?

You may want to double check the logs, a smartapp still triggering event after its uninstalled does not make a lot of sence. I’m sure it’s possible, but the logs will tell you if there isn’t something going on.

I guess I wasn’t clear. At Support’s recommendation, I uninstalled and reinstalled the Routine Director SmartApp to see if that fixed the anomalous behavior. It did not.

Problem solved…operator error.

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