Routine Director Firing Wrong Routines

Hi. For about the last four days my “Routine Director” app has been firing routines based on the incorrect time of day. When I get home it fires a home mode, but sometimes the one associated with dusk or night time, and it has stopped automatically firing an automated mode based on dusk/dawn. It still commands Smartthings to change a mode when location-based sensors are triggered, but it seems that the dusk/dawn feature has stopped working. Has anyone else experience anything like this? I already tried deleting and recreating the smart app and it still behaves the same.

Check you location/timezone in the ide and the app
If this has the incorrect offset it would cause havoc with dusk/dawn etc

Thanks for responding. Smart App is showing proper zip code of 85013 and time zone in IDE shows America/Phoenix. It’s a cloud execution app, so I wonder if the issues are remote?