Some events not triggering routines

I have the four default routines set up. Two of them are not triggering. The “Good Morning” set up to trigger on a specific time (6.00am BST) and “Goodbye” based on everyone leaving based on two presence sensors.

The other two “Goodnight” based on a motion sensor being idle for 60 minutes during a certain time frame and “I’m Back” based on someone arriving appear to trigger with no issues. Just wondering if anyone else is seeing this behaviour for specific time and leaving events?

My I’m Away (Goodbye) and I’m back consistently fail, although all other presence-based app triggers work. My Good Morning used to fail a lot but went solid about 10 days ago. So I am for all leaving and returning events and very inconsistently. FWIW.

Same here. My routines (presence based) fail to execute most of the time.

I think we find the problem and pushed a fix. Can you try saving the automations again and see if they start firing? If your having issues, shoot a note to with the expected automation and approximate failure time, and we’ll get it checked out.

Same here, my Goodbye one never triggers but my “I’m back” one will if I set myself manually away and return.

Interestingly i’m finding that things work perfectly, and then suddenly they stop all together.
The sensors are pushing the triggers, but things not necessarily trigger.
In one room, one light will trigger on, but the other won’t, but both are on the same wall socket switch types. if i reset the home hub, it fixes itself.

I have had the same issues since moving to the new V2 hub. I submitted a email to Smartthings support and im waiting to hear back. When i do ill post. Thanks

My goodbye didn’t trigger when my phone left the area. The activity feed said my phone has left. That was tied to a trigger that activated the Goodbye routine, which never fired at all.

The only routine I have seen this occur with recently is good-bye. Still trying to find a trend in the cause (my gut is that it has to do with the time delay associated with leaving events). Send dates, times when this is occurring to so we can tag them for investigation.

I am having the same problem, My Good Morning routine won’t trigger and my SmartThings took 6 hours to recognize that a presence device left yesterday. Other stuff seems to trigger ok, but a few things just never seem to hit. How can I look at logs to see the problem?

There are known bugs in SmartThings scheduling currently that have been present for months and are proving problematic to fix. This may be the reason. It is making the ST experience very frustrating.

I believe the following applies to ‘Good Morning’ although I don’t myself use that.

One thing you can try is to log into the SmartThings IDE

… and at the bottom of the ‘My Locations’ page click the ‘List SmartApps’ link. You will now see a list of the SmartApps and an entry for 'Good Morning!". To the right of this you will see a button titled ‘Update’. Click this button and it will hopefully clear a problem condition that sometimes causes your next intended event to erroneously be scheduled in the past and hence never run again.

Unfortunately there is no easy current fix for this and it can happen to any scheduled event at any time - so the ST hub really can’t dependably run scheduled events currently which is a pretty fundamental failing ! You can however see the next scheduled run time for any event by clicking on the event name and looking at the ‘Next Run Time’ which should be in the future of course.

See Announcement: New "Update" feature in the IDE

We have been pushing a series of updates to the platform that should help with events not firing. Keep contacting with your username, date/time the event should have fired, and description of what should have happened. We can use the data to better figure out why/where the failures are occurring.