Grrrrrr Routines!

I know this has probably been asked a thousand times. However, i have had SmartThings running since the middle of December. I have two routines set to run, one at night to change my home from disamred and Away (stay) and one in the mroning to reverse back to Disarm. The routine runs once, maybe twice if im lucky but then stops working and looking at the API itgets stuck at the ‘waiting’ stage. Does anyone have any help on how to stop this happening? I have a handfulof other routines set which run perfectly everytime. Just not those two.

My SHM was popping off all day yesterday as false alarms… Kept not detecting my wife as being home and triggering the alarm.

Mode changes via routines have been problematic for many people. I suffered through this almost the entire month of October. You might be able to improve your chances of success by moving the Routine’s mode change time off an even hour/half-hour (e.g., if you have the night routine set to happen at 10 pm, try 9:58 or 10:02). The other alternative is to scrap time-based routines altogether and do it via a Smartapp (like Rule Machine).