How to tell what is triggering a routine

I have a bunch of routines set up to do various things and various ways of triggering them (buttons on my phones home screen, IFTTT, etc) and tonight I had some routines triggered in an unusual way. Many routines were triggered in a rapid fire fashion, as if someone was hammering buttons, eventually ending up with my house in night mode. I looked at the activity feed and saw these routines being triggered but could not determine what triggered them.

Here’s a screenshot:

If you have a hub V2, there was a firmware update pushed out today. That causes the hub to go off-line and then come back online. And that in itself can trigger a bunch of things unexpectedly, depending on how long it was off-line. If it was off-line long enough, some of your Geopresence triggers may fire because you will have been marked as being away while the hub was off-line and then back again when it comes back. And there are some other weird things that could happen as well.

Have you looked at the hub events log in the IDE to see if anything shows up there?

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Also, I’m not sure if the following is still up-to-date, but it might be worth looking at:

Thanks, perhaps it was the firmware update. I didn’t know about all these different logs, I’ll check them out.

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