[ST Edge] Driver for FIBARO Roller Shutter 3 (with energy monitoring and venetian blinds support)

I’ve released an edge driver for the Fibaro Roller Shutter 3 FGR-223.

This driver supports:

  • The energy/power monitoring
  • The venetian blinds correctly, as a component
  • For venetian blinds, I’ve made a custom preference named “autoAdjustSlats” that automatically set the slats to 0% when setting the shade to 0%, and automatically set the slats to 100% when setting the shade to 100%. This will avoid the behaviors of: not closing correctly the slats if they’ve been set to 100% previously, or vice versa not opening correctly at 100% when slats have been set to 0%

I’ve built and tested this driver with Griesser Metalunic

Join my channel here:

Should you encounter any problem, please show me the logs taken with the following command:
smartthings edge:drivers:logcat 22cb7c59-52a0-4f9f-924f-305664d41b7e --hub-address=IP_HUB_SMARTTHINGS


I hope the roller-shutter subdriver that I sent you privately was of some use to you. :wink:


For sure. Thank you Mariano

Hi @Daniele_Ratti - I used custom DTH FGR-22 for NICE motor gate opener. I would really appreciate if you could add fingerprint to this edge driver?

I’m not sure what is device fingerprint so I took a screenshot. I suppose it’s this:
zw:L type:1100 mfr:0441 prod:2400 model:1000 ver:7.00 zwv:7.13 lib:03 cc:5E,26,85,8E,59,5A,7A,87,72,73,98,9F,6C,55,86,71,22,75,70

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Hi, I’m new here and maybe it is a dumb question…

How can I install your DH?

You have to enroll to my channel ( https://bestow-regional.api.smartthings.com/invite/qWjBA1gkPQly ), install the interested driver(s) and then exclude / re-include the device


Thanks so much for sharing a driver.

I will test it tomorrow.

Would you be able to share the source code.

Thanks for sharing your driver.

I was not able to get my fibaro to work, it is a fgr-223 (Shutter 3). I can get it to work on the standard windows treatment driver (Power not working) with the following fingerprint:

  • id: Fibaro3RollerShutter
    deviceLabel: Fibaro Roller Shutter 3
    manufacturerId: 0x010F
    productType: 0x0303
    productId: 0x3000
    deviceProfileName: fibaro-roller-shutter

What it be possible to add this into the fingerprint so I can try.


@Chewbarker I’ve updated the driver with the productIds 0x2000 and 0x3000 that were initially excluded (as I have the 0x1000 EU version)

Just allow few hours to get the update and retry :slight_smile:

@Daniele_Ratti all working, thanks for the change. :slight_smile: including the power monitoring.

Much appreciated

Great, happy to hear that

Hi @Daniele_Ratti ,

Thank you so much for the driver support.
I’m slowly trying to migrate my devices to edge.
I have a spare FGR223 which I’d like to use as a scene controller.
Is it possible to add parameters 40/41 to your driver?

I would like to do “something” based on 1 click of S1 or say 2 clicks of S2.


Hi, i am new here.

Please I need some help with this Fibaro FGR-223 edge drive.
I was able to install it, but I cant get it to work.

zw:Ls type:1106 mfr:010F prod:0303 model:1000 ver:5.01 zwv:6.02 lib:03


It’s working now… calibration issues