Tuya - Zemismart roller blind


Made a mistake thinking that all zigbee products talked to smartthings.
in summary bought two motor roller blinds ZM85EL-1x as they were noted as zigbee compatible. Later found out that these ‘Tuya’ products are within somewhat a closed system.

I’ve researched to see if we can somehow get them onto the smartthings hub but proving quite difficult. Cannot seem to find ant edge drivers.

Whats the options:

  1. Leave it and give up as a bad purchase
  2. Purchase a zemismart hub
  3. Can edge drivers solve the issue by using the aeotec hub as as the zemismart hub?


May work with

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Perfect. The big I was struggling with is switching drivers. But someone has just let me know how to do it.

Let me give a try and revert back

@Andrew_Bartlett - Cool got this to connect, which is awesome. the only issue I have now is when I go to click on the blind in the smartthings app to open, close, or some other process, it justs says status connected. I can’t seem to do anything with the shade. thoughts?

Ask @iquix in the thread in the link.

Post a driver request here

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I installed the Tuya window shade driver. My problem is that when I installed the ZM25EL motor, it showed up as a Thing and I don’t have an option to change the driver. How does one do that?

Did you ask here?