Digoo SB-XYZ, integrating into ST

(Graham Foster) #1


Has anyone looked at integrating the Digoo SB-XYZ with smartthings?
It’s much cheaper than a RING door bell, http://www.banggood.com/Digoo-SB-XYZ-Wireless-Bluetooth-and-WIFI-Smart-Home-HD-Video-DoorBell-Camera-Phone-Ring-p-1116385.html?rmmds=cart
Would be great to trigger some items in the house/phone when someone calls, and also be recording real time.


(Mark) #2

Do they have an open API to allow outside services to integrate with them?

Or IFTTT support?

(Graham Foster) #3

Cannot see support anywhere for ifttt,

I might email the company regarding the api.

Nice cheap alternative to RING is it worked out.

(Mark) #4

Hope so. Could be a reason it’s only 40 bucks though…