Digoo SB-XYZ, integrating into ST


Has anyone looked at integrating the Digoo SB-XYZ with smartthings?
It’s much cheaper than a RING door bell, http://www.banggood.com/Digoo-SB-XYZ-Wireless-Bluetooth-and-WIFI-Smart-Home-HD-Video-DoorBell-Camera-Phone-Ring-p-1116385.html?rmmds=cart
Would be great to trigger some items in the house/phone when someone calls, and also be recording real time.


Do they have an open API to allow outside services to integrate with them?

Or IFTTT support?

Cannot see support anywhere for ifttt,

I might email the company regarding the api.

Nice cheap alternative to RING is it worked out.

Hope so. Could be a reason it’s only 40 bucks though…