Ring Doorbell Devices

Ring has added a new doorbell and I can’t get it added to my Smart Thing app on my Samsung TV for notification. It is a Ring Doorbell Plus model.

I believe the main expensive model is the only one that works with smart things. Only one or 2 of the other cameras & the flood camera also qoeks with smartthings. It stinks that not every ring camera works wirh samsung. Its also a shame not many cameras at all works with smartthings.

in the ST app… tap on Menu, look for the Supported devices tile and tap on it, look for Ring in the Brands section. It will list the Ring devices that work with ST.

Ring owns and maintains the integration to ST and they determine which products are integrated with ST. You should contact their support and request they consider adding their Ring Doorbell Plus to the integration. You never know.

The model list shown in the SmartThings app for Ring is woefully incomplete to what actually works. The list shown on the SmartThings brand site is longer, but also inaccurate. Ring

My Doorbell Pro 2 and Indoor Cam are working with SmartThings and neither are shown on either list.

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Im not sure exactly which ring devices work with smartthings but i knew the nice 50 dollar doorbell doesnt work with it.

I still waiting for the Integration of my ring doorbell plus in ST… :frowning:

It seems integration is about two years behind. I have Ring video doorbell (2018), Ring Battery Spotlight Pro (2022), and the Ring battery video doorbell pro (2024). The Ring video doorbell pro is the only one that won’t integrate with SmartThings. The list on smartthings app of compatible cameras isn’t current either.