Ring video doorbell pro?

will ST support this new doorbell

Hhhm. Given that they currently don’t support the Ring the outlook for the Pro doesn’t look that great

as much as I want this to happen its doubtful… Maybe Ring will open their API

As I am new to ST, is there a video doorbell that ST supports? I like the Ring, but want to know my options before I purchase. I did search first but a lot of info was from 2014. Thanks for letting me be a newbie!

ST does not support Ring directly. I added my the Ring tchannel o IFTTT (along with Smartthings) and created several Virtual Vwitches (called Ring Motion-VS and Ring Doorbell-VS) within ST. When someone presses the actual doorbell or Ring detects motion, IFTTT recipe is triggered which turns on one of the virtual switches. It works remarkably well. I set up rules that if this virtual switch is turned on between sunset and sunrise, turn on the Foyer and Outside lights.


I just received the pro today. How is the sound quality for yours (outside and via phone)?

@Tyler have you got anything to tease us with here?

Still haven’t seen mine. Hopefully it shows soon

Just an FYI: I received this. It was a pretty horrid mistake.

You have to wire it to the front, which you expect. But you also have to wire a circuit board into the internal doorbell.

And in the older Ring wired setup, they give you a clean little box which you can attach to the internal doorbell, so it doesn’t look too bad. You know what you’re supposed to do with the Pro?

Either try to stuff the circuit board into the internal doorbell case, or just let it hang on the outside.

Now excuse me while I figure out how to loosen the case that’s been painted on to the wall, without damaging the wall.

You’re absolutely blowing it out of proportion, it’s a piece of cake and fits inside the case just fine on 99% of them.

It’s not Ring’s fault your case is painted to the wall and even if it is, just run a sharp knife gently around the edge and even if for some reason you have to have the Power Kit on the outside, it doesn’t have to hang because Ring provides everything necessary to attach it as neatly as possible to the case on the outside.


Do not give me that. Seriously.

It is important for companies to ensure that people know what will be required of them if they get this device. No where in Ring.com do they link that particular video. The most you see is a video from the older model, where you have to wire the device in where the old door bell is. And that’s the expectation set.

You certainly, never, ever send an installation kit with a loose circuit board, when it’s supposedly a “home consumer” item.

All this is amateur hour.

If SmartThings sent out a motion detector that was basically an exposed circuit board with a couple of wires, how would the people in this forum react?

There is nothing wrong with requiring the customer to wire a component into their electric doorbell directly…if they give the customer advance notice this is what will be required.

Bluntly, the early smart home vendors are blowing it.

They’re blowing it by requiring that the home consumer has to get a GitHub account, just to install an app.

They’re blowing it by not providing information upfront–such as the C wire for thermostats, or a neutral for a switch.

They’re blowing it by focusing on glitz rather than stability.

They’re blowing it by sending a loose circuit board as part of this hot new product.

Finally, we, the early adopters, are helping them blow it by excusing their poor decisions and mistakes.

Again, you’re blowing it out of proportion, all new units will have the Power Kit exactly as per the video. As mentioned in the video some of the very early ones may just be the board but as I have mentioned elsewhere where you care to spread false information, I can almost bet you that if you do receive the bare board and are that concerned, they’ll send you a replacement no problems at all.

Now I will give you that they haven’t put up the setup guide yet for the Ring Pro which should already be up there.

I don’t have a GitHub account? I’ve installed plenty of SA/DTHs, not sure what you are referring to here…

If you’re referring to smart switches like the GE/Jasco ones:

“Screw terminal installation provides improved space efficiency when replacing existing switches compared to flying leads (Neutral connection required for installation)

Then don’t be an early adopter? Frequently early adopters are given bonuses for their trouble than later adopters are.

And I think you’re undermining my legitimate concerns and irritations, because you’re an entrenched early adopter. An entrenched early adopter who also values his own judgement over others, I want to add.

And I think, like others, you just don’t like to be wrong. Sorry but I’m not an early adopter, I usually go for the 2nd or 3rd generation of a product because of concerns with 1st gen products, the reasons why I have a Ring Pro already are nothing to do with being an early adopter.

My correction of some of the false information you like to spread has nothing to do with with ‘valuing my own judgement over others’, just purely clarifying false statements so that others are not misguided by them.

In other words, you’re saying you’re right and I’m wrong.

I did not provide false information. I received a kit with a damn loose circuit board in it. No where on the web site do they warn that some “lucky” early adopters are going to get a kit with a damn loose circuit board in it.

And there’s nothing lucky about it. It was sloppy. There was no reason they couldn’t have waited a week, and sent the proper kit out to everyone.

I would suspect that they started with the circuit board, someone stopped them and told them they were crazy, but they decided to send the circuit board version anyway. And that’s sloppy.

And not to provide a heads-up about installation requirements is also sloppy. They made an assumption about what people are willing or not willing to do. And that’s just idiotic.

You don’t agree? Fine. Dandy.

But don’t you dare undermine what I’m saying, or accuse me of blowing things out of proportion, or worse–accuse me of lying. You’ve done this before with my comments, and I’m getting tired of it.

Actually I agreed with you on one of your points and I’m echoing that to Ring as well, I have a feeling that the website team may have missed the go live update of the site to reflect the full details of the Ring Pro.

I also immediately suggested that Ring put the power PCB in a box the moment I received mine as while it’s fine, it’s not as professional as it could have been so we are partially in agreement there as well however, you also have to wire contacts at the back of the actual Ring Pro, if you’re happy with doing this, the power PCB isn’t that much more of a stretch, if you have some concerns I’d recommend you have a professional install it instead.

But as I have mentioned to you in other places, feel free to contact Ring about your concerns with the Power Kit and let us know how they respond, I’m genuinely curious how they will respond as their support team has been absolutely wonderful.

Okay so because I don’t want you to view me as a complete a-hole, I got in touch with the folks at Ring just in case. On the two main issues you seem to be having, here is their response:

  1. “We’re planning to add Ring Pro guides by latest next week.”

  2. “Also, for customers who received the Pro Power Kit without the casing, we’ll happily replace it for them if they’d like.”

So if you still want to keep your Ring Pro (and I actually completely understand if you don’t) and would prefer a Power Kit that has a case, please reach out to their support team for a replacement. If you have any issues with getting a replacement, please reach out to me and I’ll try my best to resolve it.

So, after hooking it up, how does it work? Is it a keeper?

If you don’t already have a Ring doorbell and have a hardwire available, I’d 100% recommend the Ring Pro.

If you don’t have hardwired power available then that’s a show stopper, if you already have a Ring doorbell then it’s up to you if the extra cost is worth it, me personally, I don’t. The biggest advantages of the Ring Pro are that it’s much easier to install, the video quality is significantly improved (especially night time), the motion detection uses a MUCH better method (you draw ‘zones’ on the video feed much like some IP cameras) and it also now supports 5GHz WiFi (up to ‘N’).

Plus the new sleek design of the Ring Pro I think looks a LOT more professional on the outside:

It very nearly covered up the original holes from the Ring, it pretty much would have if I hadn’t screwed up one of them:

They are going to supply a plate that will help cover them up completely if you so wish, I believe for free, it’ll also help give a little extra space behind it for those who have too much wire like I did and was finding it hard to tuck them behind without breaking them.

This is because the Pro doesn’t use that annoying base plate any more and just screws directly to the wall with only two screws instead of four, it’s MUCH easier to install. It took me 45 minutes to install for everything including the power kit and that’s only because I was trying to get it as perfect as possible, otherwise I don’t doubt a 30 minute install is possible.