Ring Pro support in Smartthings now

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Purusing the Smartthings app I stumbled on support for the the classic Ring doorbell and the Ring Pro (under Safety & Security - Cameras). When did they sneak that in?
Anyways there is a bug if you attempt to install it with an iOS device as follows: Smartthings app - select ring pro, select login to Ring to activate. Now the problem once you log in to Ring, the iOS screen is not sized right to expose the activation button. Unfortunately you cannot pinch to resize the screen in hopes of exposing the activation button.
Spent 45 with Smartthings Support, they are aware but cannot say when a fix will be ready for iOS.

You can see this discussed in another post. Some users were able to change to a smaller font size on their iOS/android device and see a sliver of the button at the bottom. I was not so fortunate and waiting for the fix too.

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It was a “soft launch” to work out some of the kinks.

I had to use a tablet to be able to see the page to accept.

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Thanks but iPad or iPhone neither could see the accept button.

For whats it worth I used an Android tablet. Should be fixed soon.

I used a 7 Plus with no problems.

I haven’t tried this. (Don’t have a ring) but which display zoom are you using?

Adjust the appearance of text and icons

From Settings > Display & Brightness, you can adjust the appearance of text and icons:
Text size: To use bigger or smaller text, tap Text Size and adjust the slider.
Bold Text: To turn this feature on or off, tap Bold Text.
View: If you have an iPhone 6 or later, you can choose a Standard View or one that displays larger text and icons.

Maybe if you have it zoomed, it makes it harder to see? Turning off zoom and selecting the smallest font may help?

My iPad only has text size adjustment so that did not expose the authorize button. However your thought led me back to my iPhone 6S which as it turns out not only has text size adjustment but a zoom feature which was set. Turning zoom off and text size the smallest exposed enough of the authorize button. Problem solved.

Many thanks!!!

Not sure if this is the place to ask or if I should start a new thread. However my question is how do I get the camera live view in the smartthings app? Is there a way to do this or do I have to use the ringpro app always.

Also is there a way to put the ring pro live view on smarttiles?

No. Ring does not expose their video feed.

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It’s a great news for me since I’m an active user of SmartThings and was planning on purchasing a Ring or Ring Pro.

There’s a noticeable price difference though and I think Ring (first generation) will meet my needs. Anyone knows if Ring supports SmartThings or is it uniquely available only for the Ring Pro model?

The original ring also integrates with smartthings, but as previously stated here, you cannot pull the video feed into smartthings and need to use the app to view footage.

You can however, utilize the motion it detects to trigger a routine.

Can you view the live feed into a dashboard like actiontiles? I’m curious to know before I buy one. Thanks!

You have to use the ring app to view live or footage.