Need Advice: Considering Ring Doorbell or Other Similar Devices

My wife has been asking about doing a Ring Doorbell or possibly floodlight at my house. I have ST setup with a few devices and really like it. I am looking for some advice on the best option to buy for this and also some info on what ST integration is available. Ring seems cool but I would hate to have a completely separate system and not be able to connect it to my ST Hub. I also know sometimes the popular brand isn’t always the best option.

I do not have a specific list of needs, but I suppose the ability to know when someone is at my door and be able to see them is the main thing. I have always wanted some cameras setup at my house and intended to do some someday, but just haven’t gotten to it yet.



Ring has native support from within the SmartThings app. SkyBell HD isn’t listed but does integrate somewhat - you get a notification but no video ( FWIW I have a SkyBell HD and don’t mind using the dedicated app when I want to communicate or view past videos.

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Ring Pro is nice. It fully intergrates with ST. It is what I would recommend.


Is there a difference between the Ring and Ring Pro?

Ring Pro is hard wired.

Would an existing wired doorbell button be enough for the Ring Pro or would it need additional wiring? I saw that the Ring Pro will auto-record when it picks up motion sensor. Can the Ring do that as well?

Also, is there any difference between the ST integration between the Ring vs Ring Pro?

I have been searching everywhere but cannot figure out if a standard doorbell wiring will work for a Ring Pro. I am assuming that the ST integration is the same for ring and ring pro.

Can the ring 2 auto record like the ring pro? What is the cost for the cloud storage for the ring video? The ring website does not seem to say what that subscription cost is.

It usually depends on your transformer and whether it can supply both the ring pro device and your doorbell chime.

I never ended up buying any ring devices, but I did read about what’s required and didn’t think it was all that hard to find.

Did you try googling “ring pro wiring”? Or something like that. Or just going to the support section of the ring website?

I have mostly been looking on the ring website but not finding what I needed. After some YouTube searching, I found some videos that were helpful.

I am still unclear on the cost of the cloud storage and exactly how the ring pro will integrate with ST. What’s the experience with ST? Is the ring available as a sensor? Is video available in ST somehow or do you have to use the ring app for everything?

Yes it will use your existing 2 wire wiring. I did have to change out my transformer because it didn’t produce enough wattage. It was only $15 at Lowes. The Ring Pro can also ring your existing doorbell too if desired.

After installing the SmartApp you will have a new device that acts as a motion and allows you to watch videos.

That’s great, thanks.

I watched this video on the install.

In this video, he does some install inside of his doorbell box in his house. I have one very similar to that in the video. Is that a transformer or something different? How will I know if I need this transformer that you mentioned?

At this point, I am pretty sure I am going to order the Ring Pro.

That is just required wiring at doorbell. You can verify wattage using a multimeter at either outside doorbell or at chime. Needs to be 16VAC minimum. My old doorbell transformer was only producing 12VAC. It’s usually in a closet around your chime or in crawl below Wall with chime. Here is what I bought at Lowes:

Also I just purchased and installed these because it helps angle doorbell:

Ok. If the transformer is not in the same box as whats in the video, then I will have to try to find it.

How does this work with the bell/chime? Obviously I have one with my old doorbell. Will this use that chime or do I need to buy one of the Ring chimes?

So I see on the Ring site that it says it can use the old doorbell bell/chime. I am still trying to figure out how that is setup. I am just trying to figure out if I need to buy any of the Ring chime’s or not.

i have my ring pro setup to use my existing chime. there are wiring instructions for how to do this. i did need to upgrade my doorbell transformer to a more powerful one for the wired pro doorbell.

I would go with the wired versions of the doorbell/cameras if possible. I believe the wired cameras (floodlight/spotlight) are the only ones that currently integrate into smartthings. I have a hardwired floodlight cam, and just recently was able to add into smartthings along with the pro doorbell.

i think all of the doorbell options currently work including battery powered, but i still would go with hardwired if possible.

Your existing doorbell needs power to operate and the transformer is supplying this power. Ring “can” work with existing doorbell power IF it supplies 16VAC or more if not you must upgrade it. As mentioned it is near your doorbell but not in the box shown in the video since that is simply the chime. A friend of mine’s transformer is in an adjacent coat closet since his house is on a slab. Mine is below the doorbell chime in the crawlspace. But again measure your voltage of your current doorbell. Maybe this video will help that I quickly found:

If your existing chime works and you can hear it throughout the house there is no need on buying the Ring chimes. Using your existing chime is a simple setting in the Ring app. Now if you have a spot in your house that you cannot hear your doorbell and want to enable sound in this area then the Ring chime would help.

You are over thinking this.

Ring Pro.

It will work with your existing doorbell wiring and chime.

It integrates perfectly with ST. Shows up as a button and motion sensor.

The biggest bonus is that you get a motion event before the recording goes to the cloud and back. It also records when you live view it.

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Ordered Ring Pro today. Just trying to make sure that I have everything I need and know how to install the thing when I get it in a day or 2.

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These are the available attributes for conditions:


These are the available attributes for actions:

I have mine setup now that when someone rings the doorbell or no one has been outside for over an hour then, Alexa says, “Someone is at the Front Door”. So Cool!

Few questions on the ring pro. I have an old school doorbell, 24v transformer… does the ding-dong on actual set of chimes. obviously want the pro. My questions are with the silent mode. A) can this be controlled via ST and B) will this stop my door bell from actually ringing or just the alerts or does that part just work with the “ring” brand electronic chime?