Ring Video Doorbell 3 & Ring Video Doorbell 3 Pro (release April 2020)


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Not much of an upgrade…

5Ghz WiFi would be nice. Much less interference for me and I’m constantly trying to phase out 2.4Ghz devices. Still, not a big leap of improvement.

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Any clue when the Doorbell 3 will work with Smartthings??? When I go to add it, it doesn’t show up in the device list…just the Ring Pro on my front door shows…

Same problem here Ring Doorbell 3 Plus not appearing in list in Smartthings. Anyone got any ideas when Doorbell 3 Plus will be integrated?

I think your best bet would be to contact Ring support. The more people who hound them, the more likely they are to update.

It’s available today…

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Can someone in this thread confirm that the Ring Video Doorbell 3 / 3 Pro does in fact integrate with ST? My mother-in-law’s Pro has finally died and I need to replace it with something that preferably integrates w/ST.

I have the original Ring Video Doorbell and have not upgraded yet since the Ring Video Doorbell 2 was not ‘natively’ supported as users had to hack the device handler in the IDE to make it work. Now that the Ring Video Doorbell 3 is out, I selected the symbol in the new SmartThings app and did a search for ‘Doorbell’ and it returned a list with the ‘Video Doorbell 3’ with Ring below it. So, the Ring Video Doorbell 3 appears to have native support in SmartThings.

With them advising that the IDE will be going away in their new SmartThings echo system, I’m going to stick with ‘things’ that are listed in the app for now until their new echo system is delivered and we see how unlisted IOT stuff is supported if at all.

But this kinda brings up one of the ‘WEAKEST’ parts of SmartThings. The ‘native’ Video/Camera support is extremely limited to just a few devices from a few manufactures even though those same manufactures have other Video/Camera product offerings available.

Is the Doorbell 3 plus the same (for ST) as the doorbell 3?

I can still only see the doorbell 3 listed, and not the plus version?

I’d rather natively be supported so want to check before maybe buying.