Ring Doorbell Wired - ST Supported?

I’ve purchased a Ring Doorbell Wired, and set it all up, and I’m trying to connect it to SmartThings. I go through the account linking process, but cannot add the actual device. It goes through all the usual motions and says “successfully connected to Ring”, but nothing shows in the device list :rage:
Any help appreciated!!

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I guess not then :cry:

What is the specific model of Ring Doorbell?

Ring doorbell wired. It is a new one.

I assume this model?

Thanks for the replies. Yes that’s the model. ST says that it supports Ring Doorbell, Ring Doorbell 3 and Ring Doorbell pro. Wasn’t sure whether it related to the generation of doorbell, but I guess it’s not supported.

They jsut updated they ring integration and it’s supposed to support all ring cameras, but i think the new Floodlight Pro has also been reported not working with the new integration. Let’s see what @Brad_ST says.

Well my first ring generation doorbell works in smartthings but for whatever reason I cant add it to my camera group. I am able to add my floodlight cam though.

Hey, I just got the ring Video Doorbell Pro but have not installed it yet. I thought it would work with ST but these comments have me concerned. Has anyone been successful in integrating this model ring in their ST app/hub?

My ring Doorbell pro works fine with smartthings.

Just installed mine. Currently, the lower cost Ring doorbell wired does not work with any 3rd party hubs. It only works with Ring hub according to a response from Ring Neighbor Support on February 15, 2021. I guess Ring is trying to build their system just like google so it’s not gonna support other 3rd parties.

I specifically went with Ring over Wyze for the Smartthings integration. I just got the new wired doorbell installed and have the same issues trying to get it to show in Smartthings. Add me to the list of unhappy customers if it won’t integrate.