Is Ring Doorbell 3 plus supported?

In the ST app can see Ring Doorbell 3 in the list of supported devices, but does this include the Doorbell 3 plus as well?

Do you just choose Doorbell 3 if you’re adding a 3 plus and it works fine? Did anyone have a 3 plus can confirm it adds officially ok please?

What does it allow to happen in the app, interested what integrations people have.

Some good deals this week, so thinking of getting a Ring doorbell for first time. There is the standard doorbell as well, but thinking the 3 plus maybe better in long run, swappable battery in the C 3 plus as well


Hi, i added the ring 3 plus last week. Works flawlessly out of the box.

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Great, thanks for that. When adding what did you add it as in the ST app, just use the Doorbell 3 one?

What have you done with it in the ST app? with regard to automations etc?


Ring is fully supported so you get access to the camera with some of the features. You can use the motion sensor as a trigger in automations. Have not set that up yet.

Not all doorbells are supported though. In the list is Doorbell 3, not the doorbell 3 plus so wondered if you just had to chose doorbell 3 and everything worked.

Be interested to know what integrations and automations you do.