Ring stick up cam outdoor

What are your guys thoughts on this? I love the ring doorbell have wanted an outdoor cam solution for the back yard. Just wish they integrated with smarthings!


It doesn’t directly integrate with ST but by using IFTTT I get all the functions I wanted with ST. I created a virtual momentary button which I have IFTTT trigger from there I have Rule Machine perform all kinds of actions. You can get alerted on motion and/or the doorbell button press. Using Ring’s motion sensor I have my outside front door light come on when someone approaches the front door. When they ring it I have my inside front light blink along with some other actions.

Awesome you may have just sold me on the camera.

I use the Netgear Arlo, better form factor, also wireless, but no microphone or IFTTT. Ring may have a better battery though, not sure. I think the Arlo is weather proof (can be used in direct rain), but this Ring is weather resistant and pictured under an eave. I guess that’s the problems of wanting a mic and speaker on an outdoor camera.

There is about a 1 second delay when I’m home on my WiFi and about a 3 - 4 second delay when I am on 4G. The picture quality is excellent. The only complaint I have is that the two-way voice can sometimes get garbled and tin canny sounding. Other than that I love it. I am getting another one for my side entry and one for my parents.

I love my ring doorbell and chime but… they removed the button and they’re still charging $200?

People with a Ring camera, how long does the battery last in real life rather than quote from the manufacturer, like a car’s mpg!

With using and recording constantly, or is it only on motion? How long does it last please.

How inaccessible is yours placed? I presume out of the way enough to stop general miscellaneous use, but not too high for picture quality.

Is it a case of unscrewing the camera every x months to recharge it to?