Looking into Arlo Pro

I just bought a Ring Pro which should arrive today. I was considering the Stick up camera. However due to the lack of ST integration that will be no go when I can do the Arlo or Arlo Pro for less or around the same amount of money. Any thoughts?

I have the Ring pro and Arlos. Bought a nest cam couple days ago. If you don’t care about ST integration then the Ring pro has a wide view which can be used by thier app. The Arlos I have indoors covering my front door entrance and windows and the other covering 2 back doors. They work pretty good. Batteries need to be changed every 6 months. They are only activated when SHM is armed and only when there is motion then it records.
Because I wanted ST integration I went with the Nest cam as I have other Nest devices. The nest covers the front yard in tandem with the Ring pro. 2 days in and it works great. They try to sell you cloud recording like every IP camera out there but I don’t need it as I have 4 cameras around the house continuously recording to a dvr. Also someone mention in this forum it’s possible to record nest feed locally

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I installed the Ring Pro, and use Blink cameras with @RBoy’s integration (hopefully soon to be ST’s). I have the cameras set up so that when all our mobile presence sensors leave they arm. The Blink System Manager smartapp can also arm/disarm cameras, as well as via Routines.

I can’t speak about the Arlo’s, but my Blink cameras have been great, solid performance, and amazing battery life.


Had an experience today. Doing some work in my office in the basement today and the wife was expecting some deliveries today so asked me to keep an eye. On a monitor I put up the ring doorbell pro live stream and the Nest Cam stream. First delivery came and doorbell rang, about 15-20 seconds later then it showed up on Nest Cam. Second delivery same thing. Surprised since I never compared the ring pro and the nest cam live. I am so disappointed in the nest

wow. thank you for sharing that. the ring pro does have about a 2 second delay, but its not too bad. I wonder how arlo compares

Welcome. I know my regular Arlos have a 2-3 seconds delay also which isn’t too bad. No idea of the pro

How about the SmartCam HD Pro? My brother currently uses it as his baby monitor, and I was thinking going the same route for inside monitoring in the baby nursery. Thoughts?

The delay in the Arlo Pro is now almost instantaneous if only using the Arlo App. But since ST is cloud based, integrating them will have a several second delay, depending on how the cloud feels that day. My Arlo cameras, (original and Pro), are integrated into ST. I have different routines set up to turn on the cameras to be waiting to record as soon as motion is detected. To solve the delay problem, I installed two ST motion sensors under the eave of my house, each about ten feet on either side of the camera that points at my front door to trigger the recording. Therefore, I get recordings of the delivery person entering and exiting the front porch. The videos show up in both the Arlo and ST apps.

You can do live recording, but there will be a small delay in viewing from while the person is moving around. You will run the batteries down somewhat this way, but if you are using one of the new solar panel chargers, this won’t be a big deal.


I have Ring Pro and their Floodlight Cams. No Arlo (though I hear they are great too). The Ring Pro has some limited integrations with ST. But, not the Floodlights (too bad, so much potential). I have learned to live with the Ring app as it is pretty good. Two different apps for me isn’t as big of a deal since the ST app is just ok.