SmartThings integration with Ring Alarm Pro

Is there any integration or cross-reporting between SmartThings and Ring Alarm Pro. For example, can the sensors (contact) used by Ring Alarm Pro works on both SmartThings and Ring at the same time? (ie, when door open, both systems are aware of it)

No direct integration at this time. :disappointed_relieved:

You can get partial integration by using Alexa routines (not SmartThings routines) as an intermediary. Basically, when the ring sensor detects something it can tell Alexa which can then turn on a virtual switch in smartthings, so you can use that as a proxy.

It’s cloud-based, it’s kind of clunky, it’s a long way around the barn as they say, and you are limited to a total of 99 routines on your Alexa account, so it may not be what you want. But at least it’s something.

You can also use the ring security mode being changed as a trigger through this method.

It’s only a one-way integration, though, you can’t use smartthings information to trigger ring alarm events. Or to change the Ring security mode.

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