Please advise status on Ring integration (UK)?

Ring is fully available and supported in the U.K. Likewise it is integrated with ST in the US.

Please can you advise when we will see Ring in the U.K.?

Yes I have a UK Ring, purchased from Maplin in the U.K… but it is not possible to integrate with SmartThings yet… there is no option to find the Ring device in the SmartThings iOS app!

Only posted 3 days ago so hopefully very soon

Do you have any information on temperature range Paul - I’m in Finland and it can get down below -20C? Doesn’t appear to be any info on the Ring site. Many thanks

Hoping to get the Ring integration out to the UK by end of year if not sooner!


Thanks Chris. If you need any beta testers let me know.

Kind regards


@csuk, are you able to confirm whether the UK integration include the Ring Pro in addition to the standard Ring like the US implementation?

As far as I know, there isn’t any reason to expect any differences in functionality between the US and the UK. The Ring Pro should work!

Great, thanks for confirming Chris.

get in! Nice work team ST!

Whats the Ring Pro??!

The Ring Pro is their latest version with a few updates, though it loses the battery which could be a sticking point for some.

This time round it is full HD and has live view out of the box as it can only be mains powered. Half the size of the regular Ring too.

More info here as the product page is not available if you visit the site from the UK:

Ring pro now available in the UK!

Any update on this Chris? Kinda excited to get my new doorbell integrated properly.

Hi. Just got my Smartthings (UK version) and already have my Ring doorbell installed.
Cant seem to detect my Ring Doorbell on the app.

Has the integration been completed?


I would also like to know if there’s an update. My wife bought me one for Christmas which is great but what would make it even better is if it had smartthings integration.

Hey Chris,

Any updates on this?


I’d appreciate an update on this too… have invested in Ring on assumption it will integrate with ST in UK!

Whilst waiting for the integration, I’ve been testing out Stringify.

It has Ring integration and is almost instant - whereas I found IFTTT can have a bad delay.

've managed to build a couple of rules in Stringify and am pretty happy with the responsiveness of it.

Would still like official ST integration, so please don’t forget about us in the UK!