Capability for Ring/Bells

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What capability should one subscribe to be notified when a door bell (Ring) has been rung?

Traditionally, these are treated just as a switch. The button itself is often treated as a momentary switch.

Ring uses the Button capability


metadata {
definition (name: “Ring Doorbell Pro”, namespace: “Ring”, author: “smartthings”) {
capability "Button"
capability "Refresh"
capability "Polling"
capability “Motion Sensor”


Is there a piece-meal solution for these doorbells? i.e. outdoor camera with 2 way-audio+z-wave relay thingy+app that makes it all work like a “Ring”?

  1. Button Press for normal everyday doorbell
  2. On the “Bell”, there is z-wave device connected to it that tell ST, “Hey, I’ve been pushed!”
  3. ST sends push notification that someones at the door/
  4. Open ST and goto thing “Doorbell”
  5. Live View comes up with 2-way audio
  6. In the App, there is a button that says unlock door.

$120 max for camera and z-wave device and of course RBoy’s app cost!

Hmm…how much is the RingPro again?! LMAO!

Duh! Thank you. I need to take a break.

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Wait…What!!!..was this integration announced?..because I’ve been waiting for this for a while.

Official announcement coming soon, but it’s available right now.


yup…just added it but just so you know…I wasn’t able to authorize it on my Galaxy s7 or Ipad because the button was hidden. Had to use my Galaxy tab s2 to connect because it had a higher resolution that allowed to click the authorize button.

I think you’re gonna receive a lot of complaint when u do announce.

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It was added and now it disappeared from my list. Please stop teasing me like this.

I’m not sure what that is - devices don’t just disappear like that. I’d contact if you continue to have trouble.

Please also include a screenshot of the resolution/density issue you mentioned above. We haven’t seen that in our testing across a variety of devices.

Could you please include a screen shot, or maybe a drawing, of the button/screen you’re referring to? This will help us better understand where the problem might be. I can confirm that I was able to get it to work on an S6 Edge and iPhone 6. (Though, there might be an OAuth issue that I think I am starting to see which I am checking on.)

I readded it and it seemed to stick. I also deleted the bell so I could take a screenshot of the original problem but it is no longer bringing me to the window that asked for authorization. It is jumping right to the success window. I guess you only need to authorize once.

Ok, so it was the Ring Login screen? I think on some devices you have to scroll down as the keyboard will hide the orange “Next” button. But yeah, it will likely remember you for a while.

Any idea why this CoRE piston doesn’t work? Not sure why it thinks my Ring Doorbell has 4 buttons, so I selected all the buttons. @ady624

Here are my screens when I attempt authorize. iPad/iPhone.

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Because unless the DTH specifies numberOfButtons as DOCUMENTED (ahem ahem @vlad and @slagle), CoRE assumes a safe 4 buttons.


Gotcha. In my piston, it says Or, so any button pressed should trigger, right?

Same issue on Android onePlus,

It lets me enter my credentials but on the auth page I don’t see a link to authorize. Am I missing something. I am using an iPhone 5c.