Ring Pro 2 with SmartThings app on Samsung tv

I had Ring 3 . Just upgraded to ring pro 2 . It will not show the image on my Samsung tv . On smart things app I can see outside on my phone . Please help

If there is an option, though doubt it, try switching the ring pro to h.264 instead of h.265 stream.

Unfortunately I do not see that option. I am not sure if Samsung need to do update on that . Thank you

Yeah probably. Just wait a couple of years. It should be fixed :rofl:

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Here is the reply from Samsung SmartThings

Hello there,

Thank you for contacting the Samsung SmartThings support.

I’d love to help you out with question related to the compatibility of the Ring Doorbell Pro 2.

We are limited in support of newer Ring devices, and unfortunately, the Ring Doorbell Pro 2 is not compatible with SmartThings at this time. We intend to have the full support of all Ring devices/versions in the near future.

We are constantly adding new devices. At this time, we do not have an estimated time when will be added to the SmartThings application. You can keep an eye out on newly added devices by keeping your app up to date and checking our Support Page.

Please feel free to write back to us for further queries. We are here to help you.

Kind Regards,
Samsung SmartThings Support

The ring integration just got updated. Remove the old one and readd it and try again!

Awesome thank you !! Will do it today

Hey tried still no luck .

It should continue to update so keep trying over the next week or so

I will ! Thank you so much . I called ring yesterday too . They were assuring me soon will be capable with Smartthings .
I will let you know . Thank you

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Thanks, i hope you manage to get it to work!

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It’s working now THANK YOU

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Glad you could sort it out. Did you do anything or did it just show up eventually?

It just showed up .

So weird it’s back to not streaming again. . They must be doing some updates

Back again . On smart things tv app will not let you pick Ring option only Motion option .

I just woke up right now and my doorbell was disconnected. If you are having issues as well, remove the linked service and add it again.

I did that last night . I also removed ring extender . It really works better directly connected to wife . I use Samsung smart things hubs .


Is this a new protocol ? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

:slight_smile: WI Fi. All good