Ring Door view / Peephole cam integration with Smart TV

Hello everybody,

Sadly after I bought the Ring Door view cam I came to the conclusion that it is not compatible with SmartThings. A few of the older models like the Ring Doorbell 2 & Pro are supported tho. Is there a possibility to somehow integrate the door view cam into smartthings and also send an thumbnail of the video to my Samsung Q90R like the official integration?

Sadly with IFTTT I can only turn the tv on or off if someone is at my front door. Someone else on this community suggested the ‘Simplecommands’ app but sadly every item thats listed in my smartthings app shows up in the app except my 2 tv’s that are connected to smartthings.

If somebody can help me out to get the notifications like in the photo below would be really appreciated. :grin:

You can try to add the cam as a Ring Doorbell 1 or Pro. That’s how to integrate the Doorbell 2, which I have.

Whenever I try to connect my ring account to my smartthings it gives me a message that I have no ‘compatible devices’ into my account.

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A bit late, I know, not I’ve been following this for a while in the same boat.

It would be nice to only where the incompatibility lies. It’s it a problem with the Ring API’s? Or is it a fundamental hardware issue, or is it just a lack of someone putting together the proper module?

I hope to see at least some ongoing direction for this.
Thank you for your time.

It’s this one