Ring motion not showing

Hi all, I’m relatively new to the world of ST. I’ve added a number of smart devices and they work well but I’m having trouble with Ring. I’ve added my 6 devices ok and can live view them but when it comes to setting up a routine where motion from a Ring device turns a light on I cannot get it to work. For whatever reason the ST app/integration doesn’t seem to detect motion? Any help much appreciated.

What Ring device(s) are we talking about? What does your Routine look like? Have you checked the history in the ST Mobile App, the ST Advanced Web App, or the community developed API Browser+ to see if the device(s) is registering any motion history?

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Thanks for the reply. The Ring Devices are Spotlight Cam plus, Video Doorbell 4, Video Doorbell 2, Spotlight Cam wired (1st Gen) and a Stick up cam (3rd gen). I’ve checked the things you’ve mentioned and no motion history is shown, the routines have zero history of being triggered… API Browser+ shows

“ main motionSensor motion inactive”.

So, in both the API Browser+ and the AWA, you only see “motion” inactive notifications? If so, that would explain why your Routines aren’t being triggered.

I have Stick Up Cams (3rd Gen) and a Doorbell Pro that are properly logging motion active and inactive events. They show up as a device name of “c2c-ring-camera-rtsp” and “c2c-ring-doorbell”, respectively. The camera model shows as “cocoa_camera” and the doorbell as “lpd_v2”. I know that Ring has not updated the integration to support some of the newer devices so I could see the doorbell 4 potentially not working, but for at least those two I list, I would expect them to work.

Check in either of the tools and confirm the device name and model for each of the devices and see if they look like what I said above. Another thing to try would be to go to Linked Services in the mobile and do a Refresh of the Ring integration to see if that helps.

Beyond that, you may have to contact Ring support because they do the integration between the clouds, not ST.

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