Ring & ST uses: Ring app stopped working once device was added to ST?

I just got a Ring Door Bell 2 and I have a stack of Ring security cameras I haven’t setup yet. I have the ST v1 hub (I’m an old school ST user). I add the door bell to ST and all of a sudden the the Ring app is not getting any events. ST detects motion, video obviously doesn’t work as the hub is not compatible.

My plan was to use the motion sensors in the Ring stuff to switch on outdoor lights but it seems I’m out of luck here?

If ST is detecting the motion, can’t you use SmartLighting to turn on the lights you want? Or am I missing something about your setup?

From what I experience, the ring app stops working with the door bell once I added it to ST.

Odd, I have the same setup (albeit with a v2 hub) and get notifications in the app just fine. Perhaps double-check your notification settings (both in the app and the OS) and should that not help, try reinstalling the app?

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I re-added the Ring integration to ST, it seems to work now. Somehow I find this Ring stuff superflaky. The chime I got keeps disconnecting from the wifi and a total annoyance.

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I added my ring doorbell 2, and my Spotlight cams to ST hub v2 and noticed some very strange behaviors once I did. One of them was that ST integration was turning on the light on one of the cams all the time, causing the battery to drain. The other issues were unresponsive cams in the Ring app. I have since removed the cams from ST and the issues went away. I tried calling ST to report theissues and they told me to contact Ring.

Thanks for the confirmation. I’ll circle back here when I get to the cameras. I got the spotlight cams too and this does not sound promising.

My Ring stuff has to be pretty close to a WiFi hotspot. My WiFi network in the house isn’t typical since I do a LOT Of wifi stuff, although it isn’t mesh AC either. Let me explain…

My cable modem comes in on one side of the house, in the office / studio. My primary router, a TrendNet AC1750 running DD-WRT in normal mode provides connection, a Cat 6 cable goes up and into the attic, runs through to the master bedroom, where it meets a second TrendNet AC1750 router running DD-WRT in wireless AP mode. I have a Ring Chime Pro that was part of the bundle pack I got my Ring Floodlight cam with set up in the kitchen literally between the front yard camera, and the garage camera.

Even with this extensive WiFi coverage, my Garage cam tends to drop offline, and periodically the non pro Ring chime in the master bedroom drops offline for no good reason… It doesn’t stay offline for long, but it does blip from time to time…

So, since you weren’t super descriptive of what you mean by Ring app stopped working, I am assuming you mean the devices weren’t showing up in the app. I.E. unavailable. That is common. Boost your Wifi. I swear ring builds them this way to sell more Chime Pro extenders…

My Ring inventory thus far is…

Ring Video Doorbell 2. ST Integrated.
Ring chime. No ST integration.
Ring Spotlight camera wired (2 units). ST Integrated.
Ring Floodlight camera. ST Integrated.
Ring chime pro. No ST Integration.

I have no issues with ST integration turning the lights on, but on the inverse, I find the motion sensitivity to be too sensitive, and it alerts and turns the lights on for things like the ash tree in my back yard branches moving in the wind…

I understand that ST / Ring have recently extended ST support for the battery cams, but my experience is the wired cams only…

My biggest concern with getting it to work is something Ring hasn’t made that part of the API available yet, is the ability to control the siren function outside of the ring app. I want to be able to trigger those with an ADT Alarm event from my ADT ST system.

Hopefully this info has been somewhat helpful, and not just a rambling mess… Please let me know with some specificity if there is anything you would like to know about the setup, and realize I have no clue about the ST V1 hub, I can make generalizations about ST in relation to my knowledge of ST via the ADT ST Security Hub…

Best of luck to you, and keep us posted, I love seeing success stories!


Thank you for your elaborate response @BigHoss! I can already see I problems arising from what I want to do. I don’t have the WiFi coverage you speak of. I only have a single Google OnHub (TP-Link) :slight_smile:

Thankfully I have outlets to put in the ring chime pros and I will look to that when I run into to trouble.

I also totally assumed you got access to the sirens in the spotlight cameras from ST. :sob: Hopefully we can get access to this feature in the future.

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