Smartthings not getting motion alerts from Ring devices

Anyone else having this issue? I can connect to the camera through St, view it, talk etc. But ST isn’t receiving motion alerts. Just wanted to see if anyone else is experiencing this or if I need to just reset my Ring connection with ST.

I’ve been getting them all morning, you probably…

Yep relinked Ring with ST. Kind of painful having to re do automations just to relink but whatever it works now. If I had to guess it might have been from turning on 2FA? because everything used to work before but then stopped a few months ago which is roughly when I turned on 2FA I think. I’ll check when I get home if my TVs get the alerts now too because they weren’t getting them even though I had those alerts turned on.

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So did you find the solution yourself @felixowns, or was the solution provided by @sidjohn1?

Are you trying to get technical as to why I marked myself as the solution? I mean even he technically quoted what I had said lol.

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