Ring Gen 2 Keypad - No beep when doors opened

After trial/error I have my keypad up/running and working well. However I am struggling to get the Ring Gen 2 keypads to play an alert tone when an sensor is open (e.g. door). I’ve installed RBoy’s apps/handlers LUM, Chimes/Notifications and Intruder Alert w/actions. I’ve followed all of the instructions. I don’t have a legacy Ring alarm system- I just bought the keypads.

The keypad will make noise, alarm/strobe etc. But I cannot set it up to chime when a sensor is opened. Chimes/Notifications “greys out” the Speak/play notifications on - “No device found”

Even when I go the the keypad on the ST App and press “Tap to play sound on Bedroom Ring Alarm Keypad” I get nothing/no sounds. I have two keypads - both have the same issue.

I’m using a Smartthings Gen3 hub and a Konnected panel to my old sensors and contacts for refernce.

Thoughts? Thanks!

most likely having your sensors connected thru a Konnected panel to ST has something to do with it. one way to test would be to set it up that when a door contact is opened a light will turn on.

I have several sensors connected directly thru ST using chimes/notifications and i get sound notifications on the selected Ring keypads.

Thanks. I did double check the sensor per above and they are functioning as expected. Currently using my Amazon Alexa as a ‘chime’ on the main level. The keypad ‘talks’ (arm, disarm, alarm sounds) when armed or trigged. It’s the chime that that won’t work- despite configuring in LUM, Chimes/Alerts Apps, etc. :frowning:

If you want it to chime, then select the keypad in Chime(s) option and not the speak (that’s for TTS systems like Bose, Sonos etc)

That means the packets are getting lost in the mesh, try bringing your keypad closer to your hub and adding a few mains powered Z-Wave Plus devices to act as buffering devices to avoid packet loss in the mesh. Also check that you keypad has successfully paired in S2 mode (and not fallen back to S0 which also causes packets loss)

Thanks. I’ve done the above steps and neither keypad will make a sound when the door sensors are opened. Sensors still trigger the alarm/activate the keypads when armed. Any other advice? I’ve factory reset them twice. Thanks

I’ve got exactly the same issue, even to the point where I was told it could be a local issue with the keypad, so i ordered a new one and have the same issue with that so it’s not hardware.

Only difference is I have the Aeotec hub (which appears to be a rebrand of the Samsung v3). There is no mesh for packets to get lost in as I have no other devices connected to the hub. I also don’t believe that it is a buffering issue as it would be intermittent, this appears to be the only functionality that doesn’t work. Also distance from the hub can’t be the issue as it is sat with a couple of feet.

In the IDE I can see that it is S2 connected.

Similarly arm/disarm all work fine as does siren and strobe, it’s only the chime that doesn’t work.

I can see in the IDE that the trigger for the chime is sent, but I get no sound. Tried changing the sound and that made no difference.

I can’t see how this would be related to my konnected alarm panel as even choosing find sensor and having it play a sound to locate the keypad doesn’t work.

Really would appreciate a solution.

Just checked and it’s working fine here. I’m assuming this is the second gen keypad (the 1st gen doesn’t support chimes).

I just took this video of the 2nd Gen Keypad with the SmartThings app, when you click the Ring chime button (or it’s triggered from an app) it plays the configured chime.

If it isn’t playing the chime then the command isn’t reaching the keypad. Common reasons I know of when the Ring keypad acts up:

  1. Add a buffering device, even if the keypad is lying on top of the hub - don’t ignore this, it’s the No 1 cause of problems with battery operated FLiRS zwave devices (read the FAQ link)
  2. Make sure it’s paired using S2, it should look like this in the IDE:

    networkSecurityLevel: ZWAVE_S2_ACCESS_CONTROL

  3. Try to lock (arm) / unlock (disarm) it, that may help re-initialize they keypad state
  4. Check that you don’t have any conflicting apps or rules setup

I’ve tried all of the above. Keypad works; receives commands; but still won’t chime. The keypad is right next to the hub. I have two of them now- and neither will chime when a door, sensor, or even a switch in changed. Both are showing active in my hub.


Did anyone ever figure this out? I’ve got 2 new 2nd gen ring keypads all configured properly and not able to the chime on door openings with rboy DTH and chimes app.

@RBoy is there something we can provide in logs or screenshots that will help troubleshoot this? It seems we all have everything set up/paired properly. Is there a way to force the chime on the keypad by manual pushing of keys to test that it even has the ability? I’m at a loss here and want to make sure before I return all my ring keypads.

You can open the live logging in the IDE. When you send a beep command it should log a message that it’s sending the message. If you’re seeing the message but it doesn’t ring that means the packet isn’t reaching the keypad and you need some buffering devices as explained in the posts above (the link explains why you need buffering devices).

Ya, I did see the “sending Beep” msg in there. But why would only the chime signal get lost in the mesh? Every other feature of the keypad works fine all of the time without issues. I also have 1 keypad 2 ft from my hub, and another is on the other side of 3 zwave light switches and also an aeotec range externder. So not sure how else I might be able to buffer that.

Aeotec hub, Ring gen 2 keypad (connected successfully via S2), routing through a buffering device (Enbrighten/Jasco plug, which also reports it is S2_Authenticated.)

Every other function on the keypad works fine, but I can’t get it to chime. Audio is sent successfully to my Zooz S2 multisiren – whether triggered separately or from the same event – so it appears there’s a disconnect somehow between the keypad and hub. When I try to have the app find the keypad, live logging shows the beep is sent, but my keypad is mum.

I have exactly the same issue and have tried and verified all suggestions. I also have a Ring Gen 2 keypad and Aeotec Hub. All keypad features are working except for the chime

So, we have done everything we’re supposed to do and it still doesn’t work. Now what?

@RBoy I have followed all these steps as well and am having the exact same issue. No Chimes.

If you put your ear to the keypad you’ll hear a soft chime.

Apparently the soft chime for some users is a known issue with these keypads, some users seem to have this issue while others don’t. Possibly a hardware issue: Keypad (Gen 2) how to increase volume of alarm speech + tones - Ring Alarm - Ring Community

Ring support recommends doing a complete factory reset of the keypad (see first post) or asking Ring for a replacement: Sound on my Keypad was going and is now gone - #10 by Sschwegler - Ring Alarm - Ring Community

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@RBoy Its weird that every other sound works perfectly though, every time I press a key I hear a sound, and the sirens work properly, if its a hardware issue I would think there wouldn’t be any sound coming out at all.

It’s a firmware issue, see the links above - the Ring engineers have confirmed it. If you put your ear to the device you’ll hear it chime. If it’s something we can fix our end, we’d fix it :slight_smile:

@RBoy I went out and purchased another brand new Ring Gen2 Keypad, unfortunately this one doesn’t chime either. Are you thinking they are all broken? Should we give up on using this keypad as a chime?